Worship Services

Marion Baptist Church is a family of worshipers, so it should be no surprise that we love to get together and...you guessed it...worship! Our Sunday morning worship service starts at 10:30 and lasts about an hour and thirty minutes. Don't panic. There will be a thought-provoking Bible-based message, but that time also includes music from our choir, music from our members, and a healthy dose of joy and laughter (there's a reason it's called the "Good News"). If you want to wear a suit, great! If you don't, great! Just wear something!

Sunday School

In some churches, Sunday School means learning "Bible stories." At Marion, it means studying historical events that reveal God's relationship with a broken people that continues to this day. Regardless of what stage of life you are in, there's a place for you! Our Sunday School starts at 9:30 on Sunday morning and lasts about 45 minutes. Don't forget to stop by Cafe Marion for refreshments on your way!

Children and Youth Ministries

This may be a little biased, but we think our youth are pretty great. We bet yours are too, so bring them along on your next visit to Marion. Our youth ministries include opportunities for worship, fellowship, service, and (of course) fun! Be sure to check out the calendar on this site for upcoming youth events, or contact us if you have any questions.

Evangelism Opportunities

At Marion Baptist Church, we believe that God's love is meant to be shared and that's why we actively look for opportunities to do just that, Throughout the year, there are countless chances to share God's love in our community and abroad. Don't think of yourself as missionary? You'd be surprised at how easily you can share the message of Jesus using the talents you already have. If our calendar doesn't have any opportunities that grab your attention, just contact us and we'll find one!

Marion Baptist Church

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